Tips For Storing Your Bread

Whether you are a person who is a living alone and won't finish up a loaf of bread for more than a week or if you are buying bread in bulk from a bread supplier in order to make sure that you don't have to return to the grocery store too often, you will need to figure out an economical, effective way of storing your bread. Here are some tips for storing your bread so that it stays fresh, doesn't mold, and will be delicious to eat for several days.

1. In Dry Climates, Simply Wrap the Bread in a Towel

If you live in a relatively dry climate, you can keep a single loaf stored for more than a week without it going bad by simply wrapping it in a paper bag and wrapping the paper bag in a cotton towel. This does two things. It reduces the amount of sunlight that the bread is directly exposed to, allowing you to stave off the process that results in bread going stale. It also reduces the amount of moisture that invades the bread and allows you to keep the bread from molding for a longer period of time.

When you cut the bread for the first time, cut one third of the way in from either end. This will leave you with two substantial chunks. Start cutting slices off of the larger two-thirds of the bread. Entirely wrap the smaller third of the bread in foil so that you can be sure to avoid moisture coming in and provide more complete coverage for the bread. Store this foil chunk in the paper bag. Eat the larger part of the bread and don't touch the smaller part until the larger part is gone.

2. In Humid Climates, Store Bread in the Oven

If you live in a humid climate, you are going to need additional protection from moisture. First, wrap the entire loaf of bread in foil. Make sure that you leave enough foil so that you can frequently rewrap the bread. Then, wrap the bread in a paper bag. Finally, wrap that bread in a towel and place the entire parcel in the oven. This will allow you to utilize unused space and keep your bread fresh. Just be sure to check your oven before cooking anything to be certain that nothing is in there when you're baking so that you don't accidentally preheat your oven with bread in it. Consider putting a sticky note on the oven to remind yourself that it's passively being used.